Relaxation by Air Vitesse is the brand name of our holiday services division. Our objective remains the same; “Fast Forward Thinking, Straight Forward Attitude” and that is how we like to work when inviting other property owners to use our services and brand values to promote their holiday rentals. Our approach is simple; we set a standard to which all our advertised properties shall meet without compromise. From villas, to houses, to hotels and apartments; all properties using our brand and management service will promote the same ” look and feel” our guests come to expect when they book a holiday with us. We will work with you as the property owner to assess and identify any upgrades required to meet our exacting standard and then produce a detailed proposal for you outlining requirements for meeting the standard and a projection of your expected revenue based on extensive, expert benchmarking. We will set up a financial model that works for you and provide Guest Services products as part of the package from which you can choose a range of options. You will also benefit from being part of a “family” of properties and be linked to them by way of guest reviews for which we strive and do achieve high scores. . If you would like to find out more and are interested in what we can offer, please get in touch for a no obligation initial consultation by using the contact us link here. We look forward to hearing from you soon! Yasas!

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