Kerkyra – Corfu – Magic – Beauty – Greek – Fast Forward Thinking – Straight Forward Attitude

Smith-Mandylas O.E. is the parent company of Air Vitesse, Relaxation by Air Vitesse and Les Maisons by Air Vitesse. Based on the magical and beautiful Greek island of Corfu, or Kerkyra as we know it, our company aims to provide you, our clients or guests the very best experience when you interact with us. A joint Greek-British company, Stephen and his business partner Nikolaos bring the best of both worlds and experiences to our company. Corfu, although one of thousands of Greek islands, is unique in its history. Never occupied by the Ottomans from Turkey, protected under the Venetians who brought the millions of olive trees to the emerald island, ruled at times by the French, British and Germans, the island keeps its own identity. Although it does have a cricket pitch in the city and a big fan base of the game in Greece. Corfiot people are passionate about their island and their patron saint, St. Spyridon which is why many people share their name with their revered patron. This passion and motivation is at the centre of our ethos in Smith-Mandylas O.E. A small organisation, focused on North Corfu, we aim to provide a tailored service to our clients and seek to market and sell holidays for people who want to get away from the big corporate organisations and work with local people, with local connections and a passion for service for our guests. We cater for all budgets – hotels – apartments – villas – houses across the north of the island from Old Perithia in the mountains, to Kassiopi (Kensington-on-Sea!), Roda and the villages around Agios Panteleimonas. Our new subsidiary, Les Maisons by Air Vitesse is aimed to support local property owners in the north of Corfu with the sale or rental of property. This includes meeting and escorting prospective buyers around our listed properties.

NEW for 2024 – Smith-Mandylas O.E., offers support services to property management companies and private owners – this includes providing seasonal accommodation for hotel personnel in one of our own properties in Roda – a central location, ideal for housing staff in the Roda-Acharavi area at competitive rates.

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